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Las Vegas, NV brings together millions of people from across the globe to experience what they hope and believe to be heaven. It is hard to make a decision on which of the things you swore you would never do again and the ones you are going to do for the first time. Vegas is the answer, no questions asked. Aside from all the hotels and casinos, there is another part of this magical place that any visitor should definitely consider doing. Driving in an ATV on the off-road parts of the area is something many travelers have had the pleasure of experiencing. However, it remains a mystery to many more, which is why we welcome you to our website — where you can learn more about Off-Road Desert Toys LV and our ATV rental service.

Our Service

ATV Rentals

ATV Rentals 
Las Vegas is more than just major casinos, fancy hotels, and expensive restaurants. Our off-road rental company is proof of that. Our ATVs are ready to hit the off-road parts of the area whenever you are. We can hook you and your family or friends with quad bikes that will help you explore the deserts of the area. Just keep in mind that we are available on Friday and during the weekend, so you need to reach out to us in advance. 

ATV Repairs

ATV Repairs 
Anything can happen while cruising the desert in a quad bike. Not just the desert – but any offroad location. Luckily, you can rest assured that should something happen to your ATV – you can call and receive a timely and professional repair service from our mechanics. Whether your ATV has suddenly stopped working or started smoking, leaking oil, or has any other sort of issue that requires immediate attention, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will send a mechanic as quickly as possible.

Pros to Consider 

Renting an off-road quad bike is definitely not something a lot of people consider during their stay in the area. So, be different! Our ATV rental options not only come at a reasonable price but also go hand-in-hand with the availability of professional mechanics who will gladly address any sort of repairs in no time. Make your stay, whether it is in or within a 40-mile radius around Las Vegas, NV, one to remember and let our company be a part of it. 

How It Happens 

Choosing to explore the desert area surrounding Las Vegas with our off-road ATV rental service is easy. All we ask is that you reach out to us in advance, so we can hook you up with enough quad bikes for the day/s you like. We will be waiting for you at our conveniently located place where you can further discuss your needs with our team. We will have all your requested off-road vehicles relocated to your preferred location on the designated date and time. We have got you covered.

Contact Off-Road Desert Toys LV and are interested in our convenient rent a quad services or the ATV repairs we provide. We look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch today! 

Client’s Testimonial

So Fun & GREAT Service!

We had a blast! We were looking to rent 2 ATVs and drive the trails at sunset (not a guided tour) and that's exactly what we got! Off-Road Desert Toys was super responsive to our last-minute request and we were on the road to meet them within 30 minutes. They were courteous, easy to work with and friendly and made the whole process very simple and painless. Provided helmets and goggles were much appreciated. Highly, highly recommend!

Off-Road Desert Toys LV
Address: 4655 Boulder Hwy Suite E Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone: (714) 868-2767

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